jewelry as home decor

fun fact: I don’t own a jewelry box! this might come as a shock because I am a jewelry designer and collector of cocktail rings. where do I store my pieces? the answer is I don’t! I decorate my apartment with my jewelry collection. why hide such pretty things?!?! everywhere you go in my apartment there is jewelry on display. I love finding unique ways to displace my collection and am constantly on the lookout for vases, bowls, and other items. during a recent trip to the south I picked up a fabulous burnt orange vase and shell napkin rings at Furbish ( and I’m currently using them to display earrings!

(turquoise and wood earrings–from my fall 2011 collection!!–displayed on my new vase from Furbish)

(my serpentine starfish earrings look fabulous with this shell napkin ring from Furbish)

I have acquired a pretty large cocktail ring collection over the years–alexis bittar and kenneth jay lane are my favorite designers–and I just can’t bare the thought of keeping them hidden. so they are displayed on my dressed on this cake stand from Fishs Eddy.

(my cocktail rings on display on my Fishs Eddy cake stand)


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