purchasing sparkle

one of the main reasons I received a graduate gemology degree from the gemological institute of america (GIA) is because I wanted to make sure that when I purchased gemstones, I knew what I was buying, what treatments had been done to what I was buying (the majority of stones on the market have been heat treated or had some chemical used to improve their appearance), and the quality of what I was buying. these skills have been essential to my business and I have caught several vendors trying to sell me improperly identified gemstones. with this said, one of my favorite parts of my job is purchasing gemstones because of the inspiration the process produces and the amazing new stones I bring back to my studio. this past weekend I went on a major buying trip to make sure I have enough stones to carry me through until my late january buying trip in arizona.

check out the gemstones I purchased. I had so much fun playing with the different colors.

sneak peak of a necklace I’m working on using various gemstones.

new bracelet I created with quartz and spinel.


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