katie’s adventures at Gem Palace: Part II

yesterday I showed you snapshots from my tour of the Gem Palace workshop, now its time to show some of Gem Palace’s sparkle!

I uttered the phrase “oh my god” an infinite number of times as Samir showed me some of Gem Palace’s amazing pieces. the necklaces, earrings, and bracelets were jaw dropping and as a gemologist and lover of statement jewelry, I was in heaven. although photos cannot do the pieces justice, here are some snapshots from my visit:

13 cts is the perfect size for me 🙂
sooo much sparkle!
diamond, emerald, and pearl turban adornment (although it would make a nice necklace for me…)
jeanne with emerald, diamond, and pearl necklace
I’ll take one of each, thanks
I think I need this…
one side of the rose cut diamond necklace
other side of the necklace (incredible enamel work)
I treated myself to this peacock ring with emeralds, rubies (my birthstone!), and diamonds. it was love at first sight.

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