may in instagram

I rarely read my horoscope {I’m a cancer} but I was recently going through magazines to cut out images for my inspiration board and I came across my horoscope for may and found it to perfectly articulate my month. my horoscope reads: “may will be a period you’ll look back on as the time when your life took a positive turn”. I’ll share some of the exciting changes and opportunities in future posts, but for now here are some photos I took during the month:
afternoon stroll in central park

playing in the garment district (new necklace in the works!)

made my mom a six-strand freshwater pearl, coral, and 
turquoise necklace for mother’s day

launched a new ecommerce site and my website got a new look!

such a thrill to attend the Tom Ford talk, part of Fern Mallis’
Fashion Icons series at the 92Y

went to an edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros concert

with my mom and aunt on mother’s day

walk on the beach in my CT hometown

lazy sundays are the best

sheepsmeadow on a gorgeous day

brainstorming 🙂

started working on new multi gemstone necklaces (coming soon!)

finally tried georgetown cupcakes in soho. fell in love
with the pink sparkle mixer. 

major sparkle detail on this jacket at tenet in southampton


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