happy labor day!

I really can’t believe the summer is almost over. it seems like just yesterday one of my friends and I celebrated the beginning of summer in southampton. this summer has taken me on adventures to the hamptons, korea, boston, nantucket, and connecticut. it has been a great summer but I’ve always been more of a fall person. fall reminds me of going to staples to get new school supplies, getting my school uniform out of the back of my closet, and starting something fresh. a lot of people see january as a new beginning, but for me the fall is a fresh start.¬†

the first sign for me of the start of fall is the arrival of the september issue of vogue. this is honestly one of the highlights of my year. I flip through the pages, put post it notes on outfits I want to recreate or items I want to purchase for my wardrobe (or dream of purchasing…). I always have one new signature outfit each fall. this year I’m all about dark jeans, a camel sweater, my blake necklace (seen above, available for purchase starting thursday!), my l.l. bean camouflage tote, and patent shoes. with of course neon nail polish (love the camouflage-neon juxtaposition).

so, happy labor day. and happy fall!

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