whales, geysers, and fish: reykjavik travels

here are a few snaps from the three days my friend natalie and I spent in reykjavik, the capital of iceland, and my newest favorite city:
view of reykjavik

viking chic

the perlan

me sporting viking attire

delicious fish and chips at Icelandic Fish and Chips

aquatic currency

my friend natalie eating her fish and chips

cod and rosemary chips

geothermal pool

black lava salt, my new fave thing

baby geyser
amazingly good sweet potato fries

icelandic butter (a trip highlight) and black lava salt

too good to be true

our favorite: icelandic butter

my favorite street name in reykjavik

nordic knitwear

my newest passport stamp

traditional icelandic hot dogs

getting ready to go whale watching


fantastic do not disturb sign

fyi, don’t walk on the geysers

geothermal pool (it was so cold I wanted to jump in)

I kept falling in love with the light fixtures we came across

how to tie a tie


One thought on “whales, geysers, and fish: reykjavik travels

  1. I would go to Iceland for the food alone- it looks amazing! I had the best fish and chips at an airport restaurant in London, I think it was, on our way to the Isle of Man (which had the BEST ice cream ever!). Ooh, now I am getting hungry just thinking about it!

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