august in instagram

getting ready for the launch of my fall collection

holy tape heaven 

keeping it real in new england

family bbq

my little brother and his fiance, mid toast

brainstorming new pieces

hey new necklace, you are fabulous


love a good business card

cotton candy with edible glitter…A+

I decided my doorbell needed to be more friendly

fall collection!!

colorful zippers in the bergdorf goodman window display

garnets for holiday!

I’m sorry but this is false advertising…no alcohol is served here
(and chances are if you are here you really need it)

an organized and color blocked cobb salad

packing for a weekend in the woods

adventures at summer camp!

lake raquette

glow bracelets: a summer camp staple

I’m so outdoorsy

amazonite moment

chandeliers are fabulous

colorful cocktails with a jewelry friend


goodbye 2003-2013 passport

if I’m going to have allergies, I’m going to be chic

run along the beach in ct

catching up with a dear friend (at 11:30am on a monday…)

super excited for fall clothing


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