the pj necklace

ten years ago today I lost someone who meant the sun, the moon, and the stars to me. 
on february 26, 2004, my grandfather passed away from pancreatic cancer. he was one of the most genuine people I’ve ever met and I have nothing but the fondest and most amazing memories of the 20 years I had with him.  thus, loosing him to such a terrible disease was truly devastating.
a few years ago I decided to design a piece of jewelry that would benefit the Lustgarten Foundation for pancreatic cancer research. the pj necklace {my grandfather’s name was peter john stappers…but one of his nicknames was “pj”}, shown below, is handmade from faceted onyx gemstones with a purple velvet ribbon {purple is the color associated with pancreatic cancer research and support}. 100% of proceeds goes to the Lustgarten Foundation. so, be stylish with a cause.
click here for more info/to purchase

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